Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh, look! A castle! Oh, look! A castle! Oh, look! A castle!

They say a goldfish has a ten second memory. I don't think that's true, but I know I have a seriously challenged short-term memory. If I write something down, or if there is some other kinetic stimulus associated with something, I will remember it. If not, especially if it is something I hear, I will not remember. It sucks.

Today, my boss very kindly chastised me for forgetting something. I know he was frustrated, and he was so nice about it. We both know I don't remember what I don't write down. And I know it is my responsibility to write it down. Once I write it down, I don't usually have to see it again to remember it. I'm a kinetic learner.

I was very embarrassed to have forgotten a conversation with my boss about the contents of a memo. I brought the draft to him, and as soon as he mentioned what I had forgotten, I remembered it and felt like a fool. When I brought the revised draft back, he told me he wanted me to research something. This is not an unusual request.

He wanted me to research nutritional supplements to improve memory. I got the message. Instead of researching nutritional supplements, though, I googled "memory gluten"

So far, I can't find a single health complaint in my life that can't be explained by gluten intolerance. No wonder it's so hard to pin down!

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