Monday, September 21, 2009

Puzzle pieces - Still looking for the edges and the corner pieces

It's been roughly a month and a half, and I've been feeling better every day, not to mention having lost over 17 pounds so far. I think I had an exposure yesterday (judging by the fact that I spent the night sick as a dog and the day farting like, well, a dog).

I decided to take the opportunity to listen to my body. In addition to my old friends, gas, diarrhea and other assorted intestinal delights, my knees ache, my boobs ache and my RLS (restless leg syndrome) is (quite literally) kicking up like crazy.

The intestinal stuff - we know about that. The knees - well, I've known for many years that I have osteoarthritis - pretty advanced for my age, in fact. I was diagnosed at 36, so pain is to be expected.

Looking back, though, I remember knee pain being part of the RLS misery of my childhood. As a child, I had no way to effectively communicate all of that. Fortunately for me, my mom's dad had RLS, so she sort of understood my suffering, even though I had no way to describe the sensations. Even now, I would be challenged to try and describe them.

I googled celiac RLS, and I got this. Interesting. I'm wondering. RLS tends to run in families, and so does celiac disease. Could be an edge piece, or just a piece with a straight edge. Who knows?

Oh, as for the achy boobs - I'm thinking perimenopause.

Damn it.

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