Sunday, November 1, 2009

I can live like this

Last week I made plans with my mom to have lunch and then drive her to the airport for her awesome trip to Africa (color me totally jealous). When I got to her house she was unpacking everything for the umpteenth time so that she could put address labels on everything. She claimed she was not yet excited. Yeah, right.

Then we tried to figure out where to have lunch. What a pain in the ass this is turning out to be.

Between her house and the airport, we could not identify anywhere that we knew for sure was safe. We finally settled on supermarket sushi at Harris Teeter (lots of label reading, because not all of it was safe), with San-J soy sauce instead of the soy sauce that comes with the sushi. It turned out to be as delicious and satisfying a lunch as we could have at any restaurant.

This weekend I made so many meals that my freezer has now reached critical mass. I made a ground beef rice salsa cheese casserole thingy (definately on my Christmas week potluck recipe list), meatloaf (with gluten free bread crumbs I made myself) with mashed potatoes and green beans or brussels sprouts, steak burrito bowls with spicy steak, black beans and cilantro lime rice, and a citrus pork (rice)noodle recipe that I saw on tv this weekend and probably will not repeat.

Or if I do, it will be a lot zestier. Sometimes I forget that much of the US is really not so familiar with strongly seasoned foods. I thank my time living in South Texas and my years living with an extended Italian-American family for gifting me with an appreciation for well seasoned food.

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