Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I do not want to become a culinary hermit!

Everyone loved my potato soup again today. I did get some. Mostly because I had it for breakfast. Mostly because there was nothing else I could eat (we do breakfast potluck, too)(yes, my job is awesome).

My gluten-free coworker was at my door at five till noon telling me to come to lunch. As I walked to the galley, several people stepped aside and told me to go ahead of them (the line forms quickly).

I was very careful to find out what was in everything I ate. Rebecca had read the labels of everything she put in the chicken salad. William and I looked up the sausage in the stuffed mushrooms, and it was specifically gluten-free. The meats were prepared with just olive oil and herbs. I was safe!

Not so much.

The only thing I can think of is cross-contamination. There was a lot of bread on the table, and a lot of dishes with bread crumbs or pasta. Maybe a spoon got used in the wrong dish. Who knows? Tomorrow I'll use a dedicated spoon.

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